Your own private accountability community

Privately and securely track goals and habits with your clients, students, coworkers, and more

4 steps to
better habits

Experts say that you should start small, create accountability by telling someone, don’t break the chain, and celebrate every win.


Get started


Tell someone


Keep Going



TeamStreak helps you and your members with all 4!
Get started

Track progress

With TeamStreak’s unique calendar view the members of your accountability community can see all their effort adding up day after day, week after week, and month after month.

Keep going

Custom reminders

Your members can be reminded about their streaks in the morning, afternoon, or evening – whatever works best for them.


Celebrate wins

In open accountability communities members can leave and receive emoji reactions for completions. In a private community only admins can leave emoji reactions.

Why TeamStreak?

👋🏼 Hey! I’m Adam Howell, owner and creator of TeamStreak.

Several years ago I started tracking the days in a row I went without having alcohol.

Before long I had stopped drinking.

A couple of years into my sobriety, I started a business selling sobriety coins, and I realized I wanted to start a community to help others track their sobriety (and other good habits) the same way I had.

A private online community that helped its members with accountability to both themselves and others. Either 1-on-1 with a professional or in a private group.

A place where people could share their progress, get encouragement, and celebrate their wins.

So I built TeamStreak and the idea of an "accountability community".

TeamStreak is the best way to privately track goals and habits with your clients, students, coworkers, and more.

I hope you find it as useful as I have. Get started today!

– Adam Howell, Chief Executive Streaker